Kobra anchor made of 16kg galvanized steel

This anchor type Kobra Plastimo brand, is characterized by being an anchor whose main feature is the great power of grip it has, burying very quickly. The extraordinary performance provided by this anchor is due to its particular geometry, has a very sharp tip, an elongated body and its shoulders are very wide so they oppose a great resistance to any movement of the boat, this geometry in the plough and in the handle provides a superior fixation to any other type of anchor with the same weight.

Dimensions: length 815mm width 374mm height 340mm

Length of plough: 503mm

Recommended length: 16m

This type of anchors, are the best valued in terms of its grip on seabed sand and are intelligently designed for proper placement in your bow toe or can be stored in any hatch, thanks to its folding handle loosening the pin of the axle.


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